Saturday, May 18, 2013

More Goodies from Japan!!

 My latest finds thru Yahoo Japan came in the next day! The items above were few, but amazing! I found a vintage Takara Licca Castle bedroom toy set, small enough to fit into my Ben Holiday house for Mirai! I then, also had been looking for a Glico retro record player set to add to the Ben Holiday house as well! Then, to my surprise I found this lovely Yonezawa Bedroom set with furniture and dolls! I had seen from this ad below. I didn't even know existed!! Except for seeing an ad for them a few years back!?

Amazing 1/12 scale furniture in vintage retro 60's style!!

The lovely Takara Licca Castle Bedroom set. When I finished setting it up it was one of 7 sets to make a large castle!

The Bedroom set, has cardboard panels that you can unfold and stand up to create a room setting. The set includes a bed, one end table, a dresser with wall shelf, a closet with hangers, a mirrored dresser and stool, two chairs, a coffee table, and a set of two flowers in pots to decorate with.

The bed, stool, and chairs have felt and spongy cushions, in pink and red.

another look!

The set also came with two dolls above. One brunette and one blonde.

I redid the room so you can see it with some rement accessories.

Besides the hangers and flowers, I also found a ship included in the set, that you can see in the photo above before this one.

There are other sets, but as I mentioned before this was the first time I had learned about them. So, it will be interesting if any more show up?!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. You always find the nicest of things ! How old is the Yonezawa Bedroom set ? 80s ?

    1. HI dear,

      Thanks! I believe it is from the 1960's. The ad you see is from a manga comic from the 60's. hugs, gg

  2. Oh gosh - I LOVE this ! Pink and Red - Fantastic !
    M xo

    1. Hi dear, sorry for the delay in checking my unpublished comments...eek! I am so glad you like the colors so do I!! Many hugs, gg