Friday, May 17, 2013

What was waiting for me when I got home!!

As it always happens, I try to get things sent home while I'm away so that when I get back it's already there waiting for me...Here are some goodies that came in!!

 Some items that arrived from Yahoo Japan! It's been so long since I got a box, this one was big!! I found some miniature doll furniture to add to my latest collection! Some cute vintage mascot doll tumblirs to add to the shop, a large Alice in wonderland doll, and some Glico repro toys!

 This Alice above is quite unique with her big eyes and blank stare. She stands at a whopping 22" tall. She is made similar to Printemps dolls, but this gal is from another made in Japan company.

She still has her tag!
She also came with this cute Cheshire cat cell charm!

The cute vintage doll tumblirs, I've seen the one on the far right! I will be adding this set into the shop soon!

Lastly, I got this cute anime girl case. Its small and needs some cleaning along with removal of a sticker on the front. I've seen this same artwork on a sketch bag that sold a few months ago...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. That Alice doll is absolutely lovely, her face reminds me of those 1930's boudoir dolls.

    1. Hi Aubrey,

      No kidding! If I decide to let her go. I will message you!! hugs, gg