Friday, June 14, 2013

In the Philippines!!

My husband and I had to go for my husband's appointment to see a specialist for an injury at work. It was a really nice short stay at the F1 Hotel in Global City all paid for by United Airlines. His appt. was at the New St. Luke's Medical Center there. So, below are some pics we took...

 A view from the 5th floor of the hotel. This is where the reception area is! From the view you can see St. Luke's, Mcdonald's, and a lot of other buildings. Very modern and many newer bldg's being constructed as well! We arrived on Wednesday evening, a 3 hour flight from Guam. Stayed two nites and we got back home by Saturday, early morning.
 A nice walking distance from the hotel!

 Our hotel room was very modern in black and grey colors!
 The bathroom sink! We had a bodega, and shower with two types of shower heads. One that was large and square and when you used it, it was like rain, and the other shower head, was for stronger shower?!
 Our laptop desk station. Nice and simple! They had wifi, ethernet connection, and universal plugs!

 This couch was wild to look at on the 3rd floor of the hotel. It was at the entrance, just before heading into the restaurant area!

Nice display of lovely buffet-style continental breakfast! A very nice experience I must say. We are of course back on Guam now and my husband and I will return to Philippines again soon for the actual surgery, etc.... We'll see if they put us up here for the next visit?!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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