Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's a Glico Haul from YJA!!

 In the mail today, I received many small items from Yahoo Japan, mostly made by Glico!! Yup, I think I have a new obsession-_-; I won a lot of unopened still mint on card Glico Gum toys, a lot of misc. Glico toys, Takara Sweet Nonno doll booklet and bedrm accessories.

 This lot of glico toys I got, because I wanted the TV! LOL. I also fell in love with many of the other toys! So, I will keep some and place some in the shop!

 I've seen this carded set twice now, and the one I got was for a lot less than the first I had seen. I look thru them to see which one I want for Mirai's loft. Some are too large and will be added to the shop as well...
 These are the ones I will use for Mirai's apt.. I love the tiny stereo, fridge, sink, lamp and two closets.

 I also tried a 'swap-aroo' and made a posey pinky street doll!LOL. She's just too cute to put back together in her original bod!! The doll is made from an Ayumi Uyama posedoll pvc toy, and a Pinky Street doll.
 Another shot!

I purchased these two cute human size fox purses from ebay! I have one that matches a blythe fox purse I got thru etsy! So cute! The green one belongs to Taby. She loves using it when we go shopping!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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