Saturday, June 1, 2013

Our Mini Stay-Cation!!

This is actually our second time at our friend's condo. But the first time that I am writing about it!!LOL. A dear friend of our family is off-island to visit her family stateside, so she gave us the keys to her lovely condo apartment to enjoy while she is away...

Here are a few photos of this amazing place!
 Her condo balcony over looks Tamuning, Guam a very busy area for shopping and beach fun!

 The condo also has a great pool and beach walk areas to enjoy. She lives close to practically everything! The shopping outlets, movie theaters, restaurants. For us, it takes a 45min. drive up here to do our shopping needs, and then the same time to drive back home. So it is nice to be able, not to have too drive back so far! So, on weekends we've decided to be here and during the weekdays back down South at our home...we'll see!?

 Of course I had to take a little friend along! Here is a Mattel Fashion Teener, Moreen. She is sporting a Dazzle doll bathing suit.

 I wanted to show off her teeny tiny red heels! I used Tabytha's ipad for picture shots. She has a great camera on her ipad for tiny things!!

Moreen is enjoying her stay and the view. As we all are!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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