Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Tiny Details!

Some things I didn't show in the last post that was in the mail...

 In the Lot of rement storage sets that I won, there were some cute small items I wanted to see would fit into Mirai's loft? I also, got these tiny little HO scale flower pots too!!

 Above Glico items I won for the loft. The biscuit chair and table will look nice in the living area along with the TV!!
 I didn't know Ho scale had flower pots?! Now, I can use them to decorate Mirai's Loft too!!

 I did take a side by side shot of the pink small case and the red. Same artist for both. Both a nice addition to my small collection... and great for carrying tiny things too!!

 Updated shots of Mirai's loft in the living area above and her bed room below...

I added the flower pots to the outside of the loft and they look so realistic and tiny, OMG!!

 more shots...

 In the door way to the balcony area...

 I need to get more!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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