Wednesday, September 25, 2013

All the Wonderful Goodies that waited for Me!

When I arrived home, I was exhausted from the days flight, but I woke up early enough to see my children off to school and then, for the really daunting task of opening boxes that were waiting for me!!LOL!

 I received above a lovely full box of goodies form Yahoo Japan! It's been a long time since I've gotten a rather full box, usually, I only have 3 items or less come in these days!! Above, you see I received a Sekiguchi 1980s Catalogue, a set of five 1/48 scale dollhouse furniture, a box of rement retro style set, a tiny glico tv, a lot of many assorted vintage Glico toys, a Lotte Licca box with toy, and lastly, a rare Linda doll by Tomy!

 This awesome 1980s Sekiguchi Catalogue, I will add to my shop later on! Is filled with many lovely vintage toys released from the 80s. In Japanese, you can find Printemps, Monchichi, Goro, and many others!! I hope to take more shots of the book! This book is similar to the 1978 Sekiguchi Catalogue I used to have as well!

 This rare and very hard to find Linda doll by Tomy. She is actually the resident for my Tomy Little Rooms! Now, I finally have the doll that goes in it!! Yippy. She was sold cheap and I will need to clean her up poor thing!

 This cute little Glico TV in red. The other one I have in Mirai's loft is a bit larger, but I wanted this lovely retro style to go into her living room! I believe the cartoon on is called, "Prince Planet" from 1965.
This lot of many Glico and various vintage plastic toys above. I will group some of them and add to them to my shop soon!
 A few of the girlie Glico items I took from the bag! Just a few things I may keep from the bag along with the TV.
 Amazing vintage Lotte Licca box and below a tiny store shelf and items. Not to sure why I bought it, but I think it's mainly for the box!? Who can resist tiny Licca toys? Nope, not meh!

 I got this smaller version of the toy in "Kiki's Delivery Service" for my daughter, so she can carry it easily, for Halloween this year!
 Then, the one set from Rement, that I've been wanting to get. Nice and minty. I love the look of it and can't wait to use it in one of my doll houses!

Lastly, the lot of really small plastic dollhouse furniture made in Hong Kong. I figured it was a lot cheaper to get as a set of 5 from a Japan seller and much cheaper than those sold separately on ebay!

 I also got in the mail a large box filled with Robotech vintage toys from the 80's, from Hawaii. I really just wanted this small figure of Minmay. I will probably add the Mint on card figures in the shop?! The Lot was really cheap via ebay!

 Minmay standing with help! She is so cute and tiny, but my fave character from the tv cartoon was Lisa!
 Above, two Pb'Factory clothing for my repro Licca or Aram dolls. It was actually a trade from a friend. I received them safely and I must say I can't wait to try them on my dolls!

 I was able to snag, these lovely "Aram Create Your Own Style" dolls that was recently released in late August for Atomaru's Aram fans in Korea only! Sadly, we internationally, were not able to participate. I will see if I can try my hand at painting eyes...?! So, excited to have been able to get them, thanks to a good friend! I love their hair colors and the length more so!!

 Not from the mail above and below, are two cute cell phone or gadget charms I got thru the gashapon machines in the Narita Airport terminal! Yup, I had to make sure I got something from there!! I bought a few gashapons for my daughters and these two for myself!
There's actually one other item that was from the mail, but I will post that one separately. Only because of a project I am working on with it...more soon!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Do you know anything about the Jennifer , Marilynn sekiguchi doll?

    1. HI dear, Only that Sekiguchi made them in that time frame. Not much else. hugs, gg

  2. hi, where is your shop? i am interested in your glico toys if you are selling them. thank you.


    1. Hi, just click on the left side of my blog above where it says, my shop on etsy! I still have some glico toys, but the listing for them might be expired. I will go check! hugs, gg

  3. hi, thank you for your quick reply. i did see your store on etsy, however i guess the glico stuff has expired. do you still have them to sell? are you in japan? thanks for your time.


  4. Hi dear, just convo me thru etsy and I will post pics of what I have left dear! hugs, gg