Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kawaii Vintage Masako Watanabe Magnifying Card!

Oh my goodness, I was looking for some rement items and instead found a lovely vintage piece with artwork by Masako Watanabe, from a dear friend's shop! I just had to snatch it up! I've seen magnifier cards before, but this one is quite unique and from the 1960's too! As always, a cute retro girl is on the front holding her bear, surrounded by flowers. I've always been smitten by Masako's work, but I could truly use a magnifier with my eyes getting bad!!LOL!

 I received it quickly and here are some pics of the card above and below. It's actually quite small, about 3 1/2 inches, much smaller then I thought!? But, it would serve the purpose if you are trying to read tiny writings!

 For its age the card was still lovely, but I didn't like how the ribbon was ratty and basically, falling apart.
 Above, the magnifier is still in good condition.

 You can see the words, "Akira" at the top, and "Margaret" the company that sold most of these lovely school supplies and stationary. Just below the girl's legs is the artist's name.

 I decided to replace the ribbon, especially since this item will be added to my collection...

 I have not seen any advertisement for a magnifying card in the Margaret lines of cute supplies. Then again, maybe it was there and I just didn't notice it?!

My cute magnifier. It will definitely be used wisely! Like being able to see company names on the back of a doll, or the tiny company logos or writings on packaging!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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