Friday, September 27, 2013

Tiny Vintage Cake Toppers!

Late in August, I came across a Lot of vintage cake toppers on ebay, while doing some searches for plastic dolls. In the Lot were some cute girl and boy toppers kneeling in prayer or sleeping, and one particular topper caught my eye! So, I decided to bid on the lot and won them. I was away from home and they arrived safely to me. Sadly, I had done a BIN for the same topper, but she got lost in the mail and the ebay seller was so kind and refunded my monies instantly. Still, I would've love to have the two...

 The lot of toppers above, the sleeping boys I've seen often. In fact, I got one long ago for my eldest daughter, that was a girl. A set of praying toppers, and a set of two girl sitting toppers. Along with a girl topper holding a gold vase or jar.

 This particular topper above caught my eye, because I've seen many cute rubber type dolls in the same sitting position, but holding flowers as decorations, and they were dolls made in Japan! How cute, a tiny miniature version to place into a girls room scene, etc.! I just had to see her in person! When I did, I realized that I had to repaint her and touch up a few areas.

 Spam pics below of the scene I created after the repaint of the tiny figure! I must say it was a challenge to paint her, but satisfying when I had completed her!

 Here, I repainted her dress to a darker pink along with her hat. Repainted her hair, added a red bow instead of the gold, and painted black shoes on. I even added a little bit of blue eyeshadow! I must say she is the cutest tiny version of those lovely sitting dolls from Japan! An example is here!

 Above and below I also, tried to create another little scene using the Rement retro dresser set! So much tinier, I had to use some really tiny Rement and Sweet Nonno accessories, and I don't have much of these! LOL

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. I had some of these when I was a kid (well I still have them somewhere) =) They are so cute!!

    1. Hi Hannah,

      Thanks dear! That is so cool. I hope you find them!? hugs, gg