Saturday, December 28, 2013

Takara Miniature Retro Buildings and People!!

Today, I received some tiny dwellers to go with my Takara miniature retro buildings. I actually got the buildings back in December 18th, but now, I finally have the people to do a set up with!! Yay!
 Above, tiny N scale 1960s people and people in kimonos. Since the buidlings were of vintage Japan, I wanted the people to be from that period along with some in their Yukata/Kimonos!
 At first, they seemed too small, but they actually fit really well!!

 Above, an top view of the set up before, taking the photos... They are actually on a clipboard!!

 Below, I was able to replace the batteries in the Chinese restaurant building, and now it lights up fine! Sadly, only one of the buildings light up!

 Azusa is playing with a tiny kimono doll!! Now, I just need to find a place in my cabinet to display them!! LOL!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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