Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Things for my Unoa Lite!

Today's mail was a bit late. It actually arrived on Guam last week Friday, but was mis-routed to another PO close by, then, sent back to our Main PO, then to Honolulu! Yup, and Honolulu re-routed it back to the correct PO...a whole week of travel and finally!
 Items above from Petworks Store Global, were some extra items I just had to have for Flo! I ordered two more pairs of Momoko shoes, a knitted hat, and skinny jeans for Flourite!
 Above, I also ordered thru Jiajia on etsy this lovely denim dress. Luckily, Jia had one already made and shipped quickly. Still anything that comes from China takes 20 days or more to receive...ugh. But there are so many cute things made in China, Thailand or Singapore for dolls now, that sometimes they are worth every penny, and the long wait!!
 Above, I got these umbrella picks for my plastic dollhouse, thru etsy, I can add other colors for the patio area! I really need to break out my plastic dollhouse again to showcase all the stuff that has come in for it!! Soon, I promise!

 Above and below, the two pairs I got for Flourite. A pair of brown pointed heels, and a pair of pink maryjanes. I really wanted a black pair, but they sold out-_-; Sadly, the skinny jeans didn't fit Flourite...So, Taby got them for her Momoko!
 Flourite dressed in the Jiajia dress, purple stockings, pink maryjanes, and knitted hat!

 Also, I wanted to share, that I redressed my Aram Doran Doran doll Heukdan in Bratz girlz clothing! Yup, they fit!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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