Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Let's Lose Our Way Together."

Today, our adventure began with an early breakfast at our hotel in Shinagawa. We then took the shuttle bus into Shinagawa Station. Thanks to the travel agent that I booked our tickets with, he told me to take the Yamanote Line into Shinjuku, and then take the Chou Line into Mitaka.

We safely arrived into Mitaka a little after 10:05am! So, much for arriving there early! We found the waiting area for the Cat bus, purchased a round trip ticket for about 320yen each, and proceeded to get in.

 We finally arrived at Studio Ghibli at 10:20am. We were motioned to line up with groups of students and other tourists. It was amazing, even before we got into the building, you could see the beautiful metal cage from the scene in "Castle in the Sky", along with Totoro in the ticket booth!!

 How dreamy is this?! It was like being transported into one of Mr. Miyazaki-san's films!


 When we finally got to the ticket counter, we were given our film tickets and and brochures to the museum, and proceeded to walk down a flight of steps to the ground floor of the museum. It was very surreal, and the giddy-ness of it all was just too much excitement to bare! At the bottom of the steps we didn't know what to do first, so we followed others into a room filled with all kinds of gadgets, and cool things that little children could touch, feel and play with! It was amazing even for Sara!
 Spy shots Taby took, above and below!! You are not allowed to take photos inside the museum... Thus, the reason you don't see much of what is inside. You will have to experience it for yourselves...

 Once you were at the top floor you are able to walk up the steps to the garden in the sky and see the Robot from "Castle In The Sky", along with the cube key from the same movie!

 The path back to the Robot...

By Noon, we were hungry and decided to eat at the "Straw Hat Cafe". We were treated to a lovely lunch by Judy and tried different items on the menu!
 We all wanted to try out the Blue Sky Soda above and below...mmmm, it was Oishi!!

 My eldest child, Tevin above taking a sip!
 Tabytha and Katherine(My son's girlfriend).
 I ordered the porkchop sandwich on a soot sprite plate! So cute! Below, Taby ordered the egg salad sandwich on a Kiki plate...
 My mother inlaw had a soup dish with bread...
 and Katherine tried this Spaghetti in anchovies sauce dish!!
 I just love soot sprites, they are the cutest!!
A view below of the water pump similar to a scene in "My Neighbor Totoro"!
A look across to the entrance of the Museum...

 Below, we spied two cats from "The Cat Returns."!!
 Just before leaving the Museum at about 1pm. We went down stairs to the water pump to check it out!
It was a bit high for Sara to push the pump, but Tevin didn't mind helping her!
Above, the cute drain from the water pump. Hey, I spy my shoes!! LOL! After we left Studio Ghibli we decided the day was still young and took the Chou line into Akihabara, somehow we got a bit confused, but it was nice that if you take either Chou or Yamanote you can get to Akihabara. We arrived safely into Akihabara and went into the Shopping mall for all Otaku Lovers!
From the elevator of the 1st floor. This section is my husband dream section. All electronics and gadgets galore!!
 More gadgets... We finally made it to the 6th floor with all the anime figures, gatcha-gatcha, toys and games!! Yippee!
I spy a vintage reproduction of a roly poly doll!! So cute! Elena, this spy shot is for you dear!!
Taby and Sara playing with a piano they found. Sara loved it and wanted it, but I told her we couldn't carry something that large on the plane. Sorry... So, instead we found a lego area for her to play in! She sat there most of the time playing...
Sara ended up building a whole city of lego duplo's! Sadly, my feet could not handle the long walks and standing. I must have step onto my left ankle and popped it out of position, cuz I ended up sitting most of the time I was in this floor. I did try to bare the pain and walk with Taby to the figures section. We saw a lot of anime girl figures like figmas, revoltechs, nendoroids, etc. I even found the N scale section for trains, models etc.!
Right behind where Sara was playing was a whole section filled with gashapon machines! We even found rement, Licca, Sylvanian families, and sailor moon! But sadly, I could not find someone in the store who knew where to find Azone stuff!! Ugh! So, believe it or not, I left the store not buying anything!! I did tell myself, this whole trip was more so for Studio Ghibli, and that's all that mattered! Besides, now that I know how to use the train system a lot better and where to stay to access them, I can come back again by August or so and find the stores I've always dreamed of walking into!! Yippee! Definitely, on my next trip out here, I will go to Mandarake in Nakano, and back here to Akihabara!!
My purchases for the day!! Jiji for Sara, and small Jiji for me, two soot sprites, a movie ticket viewer for Taby, a cute duck from "Spirited Away" not shown for Taby, and lots of awesome memories from an amazing trip! Most of the tickets I held onto. Taby kept hers, so did Nana and Kat. I believe Taby got, a scene from "Spirited Away", Kat's was from "From up on Poppy Hill", and Nana's from "Ponyo". I have Sara's, "Ponyo", Tevin's, "From up on Poppy Hill", and mine, Which we believe to be "Princess Monanoke"?!! or maybe its from "Nausicaa"?
Using the viewer I got for Taby to see the ticket films!! So awesome!

This trip was well worth the money and all the walking and trying to catch trains, was exciting all on its on! I'm just happy that I was able to take my kids to a place we all dreamed of seeing, from our love of Mr. Miyazaki-san's films...It will be a story they will share with their children, my grandchildren and hopefully on...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Oh god.. The Roly Poly...! Lord, I asked you some ages ago and never got around to checking out your answer! >//< Omg it's soooooo beautiful...! I still want it! Lol!

    1. HI Dear Eleni, Hopefully I can find another while back home...sorry. It was too large to carry on the plane for me-_-; hugs, gg

    2. Oh dear, it's ok lol! I know *a lot* about carrying large stuff..! Thanks for taking the pic for me, it's so great that you thought of me. ^__^ <3

    3. Dear Eleni, I often do dear! Many hugs, and I hope to find you one soon!! hugs, gg