Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On our way to Shinagawa!

We had to go back to the airport to wait for the arrival of my Mother inlaw who will join us for the trip. She had to catch the next day flight...
Some snacks we got while at the Radisson.
Shiori finally out of her case!

Early morning in Narita. This photo reminds me of "Whisper of the Heart", when Seiji takes Shizuku to see the city early in the morning...Dreamy!
At the airport, enjoying some ice cream...while waiting for Nana.
 On the Narita express to Shinagawa!

 We made into Shinagawa by 11am. Now we had so much time before check in to our hotel...
 You can see Sara on the right looking onto the massive view of buildings!!
A view of the street below from the 6th floor restaurant...
So right off of the train depo we found a nice sit in restaurant to relax n have lunch!

 Right outside of our hotel, is this interesting sculpture!! A large trash can!!
 Our dear friend Shizuka and her daughters Honoka and Urina took us on the monorail to the shopping center. Above, Uri and Sara looking out the windows on the monorail.
Below we head towards all the food places to find dinner!!
We met up with a friend and she took us to the Union City Odaiba Mall. We found a Daiso store!
And then Sara and Taby wanted to go to the Disney Store...
Sara is such a character! She was dancing on the Mickey Mouse symbol on the floor!!
Silly girl! Well, we were so exhausted by the end...Tomorrow is another day!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Oh I'm so jealous!!!! How I'd love to go there! Stop in an Azone store for me ;_;

    1. Hi Heather! LOL, I will have to do it next trip out...Sadly, my ankle ended up injured so I didn't even make it to an Azone shop-_-;