Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Some Goodies from Japan!!

Some items I was able to win cheap via Yahoo Japan arrived to me today along with some other things...
 I won some cute Chobits gashapon figures. I had been drooling over Avalon Jane's little sleeping Chii, I just had to find one for myself!! Along with another Chi, and a Gameboy Chobits game cartridge!!
 I won this Lot of "Death Note" figures above, cheap. Now I know why, the poor chibi boy is missing his arm-_-; Still the Lot had 2 Light, 1 "L", and 3 nendoroid type cuties. Along with a keychain. I will more than likely place most on my for sale page soon!!
 More WTG Volks accessories for Unoa Lite! I love hats and to find these knitted hats cheap, one could not resist! I got a pink one, a white knitted one and a pair of striped gloves...just curious to see how it would look on Flo?!

I opened the packaging immediately and put together Chii. She is just so adorable. The one sitting has 3 tiny size beer cans, great for tiny scenes in my doll rooms, etc.! Also, a nice scale for Shiori!

 A closeup of Chii above and below. So cute. Chii above fell asleep reading her book, "A City with No People"! I noticed the Chii below seems a bit buzzed!!LOL

The "Death Note" keychain/ cell phone strap below, has Light on one side and the other is "L". I will added this to my for sale page...
 "L" below, looking cool, yet creepy!LOL

 Most of the figures are in good to fair condition. I will have to decide for sure which one's I will add to the page and which one's I may use later for something??

Then, I actually bought this cute handmade boater hat back in late January! Sadly, the first one that was sent got lost in USPS mail-_-; So, Diane of MiniBok on etsy sent me another and it arrived to me safely! Yippee! Super tiny in 1/12 scale, this hat is made with the same material used to make other straw hats. So cute, I wanted this hat for Charlotte to wear for my picnic scene. If you recall I used the hat from Momoko's fashion instead!
 Beautifully made, I can't wait to use it in a scene with Charlotte or Shiori! Below, Shiori tries it on...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Ah what a good parcel! I'm happy you were able to get the hat after the postage problem! It looks wonderful! =D

    1. Hi dear! It was and thank you. She did an amazing job on the hat!! many hugs, gg