Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vintage ARA Wool Miniature Pets and BJD Suitcase!!

I've been anticipating the arrival of these cute miniature vintage pets by ARA. These Austria-made wool miniatures animals are the cutest things ever! I've seen them with German dollhouse dolls, but never actually decided to get some til' recently... Thanks to dear friend Toypincher!! He had uploaded a pic with some of these little animals ready to be sold thru his shop here on etsy!! I just had to ask him to save a few for me!!

I am still awaiting their arrival from the UK! But that didn't stop me from finding more...and I did right here in good ole' USA! The seller sent em' fast and they safely arrived to me today!!

The little pets are made using something similar to pipe cleaners you see from craft stores, but these are so much more better and definitely well made for 1/12 scale dollhouses!
 My first set, a cute panda bear! The one Toypincher had in his shop had already sold-_-; But I was able to find and snag this one! Along with a cute monkey too! The seller for these wee one's gave me a lil' lion as a gift!! How cool is that!! More miniature pets to love!!
 Shiori's lil' friend wants to play!
 I took the monkey out first to see what these lil' guys felt like and size. They are so cute and small and poseable too! With pipe cleaner hands and feet you can have these wee animals pose along with your dolls! How fun is that?! So much fun!!LOL

Then, a much anticipated BJD size suitcase arrived from Hong Kong thru ebay!! Yippee, its actually made for dolls in 70cm size. But I will be using it for travel with Shiori!! Yup, I had to get a suitcase just for her!!

 Nicely made, it did have a strong leather odor. This case uses snap buttons to close, instead of a lock system like Charlotte's suitcase. It also has some pocket space for items you want to take along with your doll. But the only downside to this case is that I have to use a stick to prop it open.

Below, Shiori with her fave things to take along! Mostly books, and her camera...

There are two sizes, this one is the largest size at 11.5cm/4.5in., and a smaller one at 7.5cm/3in., but I'm not sure if a Small MMS bod could fit inside it?!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Trying desperately to find these suitcases you have pictures of. can you send me a link or tell me where you found these on Ebay?

    1. Hi Alisa,

      Sure, Here it is below. Or just put, "BJD Suitcases" in your search. This should help. hugs, gg