Monday, April 21, 2014

Yahoo Japan Goodies!

Oh goodness, my Yahoo Japan and AmiAmi items arrived while I was away, but only today was I able to pick them up from the PO!!LOL
 I preorderd the desk set above through AmiAmi, and they were finally released early in April. It includes two sets of desks in 1/12 scale. I also so these while in Akihabara! I was going to grab em' then I realized I had already preordered them-_-; LOL!
 The pieces are very easy to assemble and you probably won't need the directions at the back of the box. It also comes with cutouts to place on top of the desk.
 These desks remind me of desks we had at St. Francis School. I remember when we had moved into a temporary building. I was given middle school desks and chairs for my 4th grade class and these were the types I had! The kids used to put their feet on the side bars, and so would I!!
 Then, my Yahoo Japan winnings above...I was finally able to get the Hot Springs secret sets of the two types, and a Masaka Watanabe finger sponge well.
 I really wanted the secret sets, because of the ladies, as well as the tiny religious cement decor. It would be great to use in my Plastic Dollhouse! Now, that I am pretty much complete with finding items for the plastic dollhouse. I just need to set it up for updated photos with these cute miniatures!!
 This finger sponge well, is cute with Masako's artwork on the top. I will have this item for sale in my shop! First time I've seen this kind of item thru Yahoo Japan. Usually her works are on other things, like books, bags, etc.!
 Top, backside of the case. Below, the inside of the case. It might have been used for stamps also?!

Below, the desk set is very cute for Shiori and Charlotte! Just the right size too!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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