Friday, June 13, 2014

Ara Dolls and Azone Fashions!

An awesome Friday the 13th! I received some goodies from Ami Ami, and Etsy!!
 Finally, the second part of my order from Ami Ami. I got these cute Azone Piconeemo dresses, socks, and shoes for Ewnoe!!
 and from Austria, envelope above from a cute shop of Ara vintage dollies and pocket pets, here!
 I ordered these two cute Marie Antoinette and Mozart? Style dollies! They are just too cute and great for my 1/6 size dolls! Tiny dolls for my dolls!! LOL!

Below, Ewnoe, tries out the 2nd part of my order of Piconeemo dresses and jumpers. She looks so cute! I think the stripe dress suits her well! I want to try the dresses on Shiori or Charlotte?!

The cute cherries jumper and sweater combo. One of my fave of the three jumper sets! I also ordered these cute red Maryjane shoes to go with it! Cuteness overload!!
I then, took the jumper from PNS and put it together with a licca headband and Ewnoe is just waiting for a summer adventure ready to happen!!
How can one resist such cuteness!! Maybe we will go outside in the heat and take some pics!?
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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