Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Good to Be Back Home, Mail Call!

Whew, it was a short flight, but still glad we made it home!! We arrived about 4am, early Tuesday morning. I ended up taking a short nap and woke up by 11am. I fought wanting to sleep in more to catch the Post Office before they closed at 1pm. Here's what was in the mail for today!
 I received two boxes from Yahoo Japan in the mail above and below. One small box above, had a Galaxy 999 Maetel Figure, a Chi from Chobits figure, and a 1/24 scale Doll Room by Bandai, "Silky Heim".
 The second box was a lot larger, but does not show what made the box large above. I won a Lot of Macross Minmay character figures set of 3(not shown) for the shop, a box of "Attack No.1" figures set of 10, also for the shop, a "Hana no ko Lunlun" Toei animation series figure, and an Busou shinki wig and fashion set made by Miho Manor.
 I also found this Pico Neemo school girl fashion set usually sold out by Azone thru ebay. Messed up thing was that it had restocked thru Hobby Search, and I had already purchased this set! Still, I got it at about the same price, whew!
 My figures out of package...These are characters from my fave mangas or vintage anime TV shows!
 This cute version of Chi, I wanted to get for myself, but Sara had first dibs on her!! LOL
 Since getting her Chi, she's been carrying Chi around with her everywhere!! LOL

 The Bandai little 1/24 scale tea/dining room for Silky Heim. It comes with all the accessories for the room, but no doll.
 I found it while doing my usual searches thru Yahoo Japan, under Licca dolls. There are three sets to choose from, a bedroom set, living room set, and tea/dining room. So cute!
 Back side of the box. Below, the parts inside, base, cabinet, wall panels, tiny cups, etc. and the decals are made of fabric printed stickers to place into the cabinet, table and floor.
 Below, the chair was already assembled, and you can see the plates, vases, tea cups still on the pegs.
 I guess that's why below it is called, "Silky Heim" the decal stickers below are fabric and soft. You can place the pink cabinet shelf covers, a table cloth cover, carpet, and there is even a fabric printed planter to stick on the wall, and basket for the doll to hold!

 The room mostly completed above and below. The cabinet with its cute shelf covers are interesting and give it a vintage feel. I may repaint the cabinet, just to add a bit more color. Very cute and it's quite small, for a Tiny Teen sized doll? I know that Shiori would be to big for this set.
 I could definitely use the tea cups, vases, etc. for my Miner's Rooms, that's for sure!!
Lastly, the Konami Busou Shinki figure fashion set. Made by Miho Manor on Yahoo Japan. I was able to snag this set for a lot cheaper than the usual price for these handmade 1/12 scale fashions. It even has a wig!! Yippee! These sets are so intricate and cute and the seller's usually sell them upwards of seventy-five dollars!! Eek! More on this set in my next post!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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