Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mail and Beach Shots!

Today's mail was just a few items I found through ebay. I was able to get in a good offer to the seller and got these extras, only because I thought I didn't own the original bed by Miner's?! But sadly, while I was organizing my Miner's collection, I did have one! Ugh! Oh well... The good thing is I did get a set of original lamps for the bedroom! That's the important part! LOL!
 Below, the bedroom lamps to complete my Miner's Bedrm set! Yay!

 By the afternoon, after lots of rain, Taby and I decided to go do a dolly shoot at the beach! I took Mako chan and here are the end shots below!! It was low tide, which exposed a lot of the rocks and coral. But the ocean was nice and calm with the tide just starting to come in. Not too bright and sunny, but overcast. Lovely conditions for beautiful photos!
Above, non-altered shot.
 I photo-shopped this one above, I love using edge blur.

 Above left I photo-shopped, and must admit I find it dreamy!

 Another angle of Mako chan. She was a good sport and enjoyed the ocean...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. I love the beach shots!!! They turned out great! (and as per usual, your mail days are filled with AWESOME!)

    1. Hi Dear Heather^_~ Awww, thank you sweetheart so much! I want to take more soon! Many dolly hugs, gg