Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Matilda Pink Retro Dress!!

Oh my goodness! I finally was able to snag a beautiful retro dress by Matilda Pink on etsy! I have been in love with Diana's works since seeing them on my dear friend David's flickr stream...

I woke up and started doing my usual searches via the internet and happened to check into my etsy shop and sure enough via my news feed, I just happened to see one of Matilda's fashions listed! I was in shock, because usually they're already sold out quickly!? I clicked on it and saw a few dresses and a cute capri set still available. I wish I had the funds to buy them all!? So instead, I settled for this lovely red retro dress!!
 I was deciding between this dress and another, but this one caught my eye the most! Also, because the pockets are real pockets too! So awesome!! Above, Diana also sent a lovely card, and beautiful words that touched my heart inside!!
 Since, I don't own any Kiraz or Mam'zelle dolls at the moment, my Heukdan will showcase it in my cabinet for me to admire!
 Beautiful work and gorgeous retro design...I need to save up to get more!!

I also wanted to include that I got this cute retro tv viewer from ebay to use in one of my retro doll room or house scenes!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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