Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More on the Goods...

I was able to take out the MMS head that would fit the set I got in the mail the other day. I tried Pomock and a Candy Meteor head on the wig, but sadly, it is only made for a certain head, Miu.
 Still the fashion is quite cute. It comes with a dress, sleeves, stockings, and shoes.
 Cute shoes above. Below, the wig. Wish I was able to put it on other heads-_-;
 Konami special made by Candy Meteor also. Miu's face fits perfectly. She is so cute with her big eyes!
Below, I also kept this set from Attack No.1 Kabaya candy toy figure. My fave is number 4, Kozue, is so cute with her interchangeable head. I can put the closed eyes head or the other with open eyes. I wanted to see if I could possibly use her head on my Busou Shinki body?!
Nope, unfortunately, her head is too small! Darn... She is still cute and I love her vintage anime look!

Another view of her, and below the two head choices side by side. Number 4 is the hardest to find of the 10 sets, and can only be purchased if you buy the whole lot.
 I also received these two items from Hobby Search below!!
 I pre-ordered Himeno and also the jean jumper set for Heukdan.
 Made for the Azone boys, I love the boy-style jumpers. I can't wait to try it out on my Aram!
 Himeno above, in her original school outfit and out of box. She so cute. I believe she has the largest eyes of the Pico neemo's of this size! Other than the fairy maids of course!
 I redressed her in the tan school uniform from my last post! I believe either uniform is cute on her!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Oh cute cute! Miu suits the wig so much! And her eye colour looks lovely with the whole outfit!
    Himeno looks lovely! I think she suits the second uniform best but she's adorable in her stock outfit too. =D

    1. HI Dear Jane,

      So true dear! Thanks so much for visiting. I am truly enjoying your photos on flickr too! hugs, gg