Sunday, June 22, 2014

Small Packet from Japan and Dried Star Flowers!

Its been a busy weekend! We had visiting family from the States, and I only had time to pick up the mail, then left it on my desk til' after the family barbecue! By then, of course, it was already evening. So, I took these quick pics of what came in...
 Small packet from Yahoo Japan, MMS busou shinki head, Megahouse kinder class 2nd period desk and red bag.
 These lovely dried star flowers from Hong Kong, a seller on etsy had all kinds of colors available here!! Awesome! Now, I can replenish the missing red flowers for my Miner's Rooms in Miniature!! So excited!!
 I took out the head set to make sure of what I had and didn't have. I've been trying for so long to get Arnval complete 3rd version figure set, for some time, but the secondary market prices are just insane! Ugh, so I opted to just getting her head parts, even the blonde version is way too expensive. -_-;

 By morning, I opened up the packaging for the Megahouse backpack in red. Now, above and below, I have both the boys and girls backpack! Yippee, and in 1/12 scale size too!

 These amazing dried star flowers, I took out next. Sadly, the box came unsealed and crushed on one side. But the flowers inside the bubble wrap and packaging were fine!! Whew!
 I ordered a set of mixed colors, red, and blue... Nicely, priced too!

I was looking closely at them, and decided to put some inside some see thru pendants and a heart ring I had for some time... The results below!!
 This heart ring above, I got to hold tiny things, was perfect to fit a few colored flowers... So cute! They remind me of the 1970s when dried flowers were the rage and put in many things back then!!

 Above, I decided to do a shabby chic pastel combo with one beautiful white flower and a pastel blue and pink!!
 Of course, I also did one with many colors above/left and still lovely. It was fun to choose colors and sizes, then put together!
My fave, the shabby chic one above...dreamy! I may need to buy more flowers and clear pendants now?! LOL

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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