Thursday, July 24, 2014

Green Ara Arrives!

I received my new Doran Doran doll "Green Ara", who I think is Aram's sister?! Still a bit confused, but who cares, my new girl is here!!

As I mentioned you could order her during a certain period and Atomaru announces this thru her work blog and you can read more in my post here!

On with the pics...
 Yup, sadly, my box did not survive the travel from South Korea to Guam!! Just shows you that no matter what, sometimes people just don't care about something that is not theirs!! Ugh!
 The clerks at my PO are always so sweet and considerate and tell me when they received any of my boxes in this condition... But I always tell em' as long as the contents inside are not damaged then, I'm okay!

Not surprisingly, the items were safe inside, whew! No crushing of boxes here!
 I purchased and extra clear tube, 3 pairs of shoes as well!
 Sweet Green Ara inside above, along with stickers and instructions. She is so cute. I most especially love her dress! I've been drooling for one of them for some time!
 The 3 pairs of shoes above, one brown boots, white tennis shoes, and a pair of brown maryjanes! Now, if only I can get a pair of pink one's!! Next time!
 Ara with her sis Heukdan! They are truly unique dolls and so sweet and cute too!

Such an adorable girl!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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