Saturday, July 19, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

We made it in safely last night from Narita, Japan at 9:45pm (Guam time), and I was surprised that I slept by 12 midnight!

Then, I was up by 6am!! I'm sure I will feel the jetlag soon...

While I was away, at least my husband did check the mail a few times and these two items came in!
 More lovely dried flowers from the same shop I got my other dried flowers from! I wanted to see what these interesting, "Baby's Breath" flowers looked like in person and also to use them in a project of mine!! I was also able to snag a cute pair of navy blue Momoko sneakers. I wish I had enough to get the pink and light blue as well...maybe next time!?

Then, I made sure to pick up the mail today. Because I knew that there were a few items in for me and for Taby as well. While I was away, I paid for two of Taby's anime figures to be mailed since they were released. I also received a figma I preordered! I'll share in a later post!! But below are the items I got today!
 A book I found thru Amazon Japan called, "Toy Picture Book of Glico: Takuro Morinaga Collections." I was able to get my friend to order it for me!! Yippee! Also, more acrylic pendants from etsy, a mini ipad case from ebay, and cute newly designed pillows by Minimodernistas!

 Just a few pics of the inside of the Glico toy collection book! So many Glico pieces I've seen and some I have in my collection!! So awesome! I believe this is my fave Glico book so far!

I was able to get three newly designed pillows in 1/12 scale for my dollhouse or room decor. Can't wait to use them in a scene soon!

 These amazing acrylic pendants I found thru etsy, that I will use to create more vintage looking pendants with dried flowers! Can't wait to start on them!!
 The seller even gave me these three extras, one in a rocking horse!! Wow! So sweet!

A photo I took of Mirai before I left for the states, when I was deciding if I could take her with me or not. Along with a tiny duck from the Takara Showa Era house!! Can't believe I didn't post this pic before I left!! LOL!

It's good to be back home!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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