Sunday, October 12, 2014

In The Details...

I wanted to showcase these two items separately, from what I received the other day...

 I received an addition to my Vintage Tomy Little Rooms collection! Garden set #2 above and below, pics of the box. Sold cheap, whew! Is a nice addition to my room sets! Now, I have most of the Tomy house, with an exception of the kitchen... Someday! LOL
 The garden set includes the garden area and a swing.
 Nice and new with minimal to no box creases or damage.
 Pamphlet above and below the simple set up...

 As shown in the box above, the color of the swing is different. I also notice that with Linda in the garden, she is actually a lot larger in scale next to the swing!?
 The swing itself is a nice simple design, but so light weight I wonder if Linda would even be able to sit in it? The material used in most of the construction of the furniture in the rooms along with this swing is a light weight plastic material, that can easily crack if crushed, and in some instances can crack with a considerable amount of weight placed on it. So, I didn't bother trying to put Linda on the swing.

 I also wanted to talk about this lovely 90mm Microman Arts: Love Live! Eli Ayase Anime figure. I love her anime art on her box, so cute! 
 Below, the articles inside of the box! Includes Eli, her stand, case, hand parts, microphone, and extra stand pieces.
 Eli, is cute, but looks nothing like her anime art-_-; She is very tiny and is articulate to a certain extent.  Her arms hold in this kind of buff stance. I've tried to move her upper arm closer to her body, but that is the closest I could get it.
 The outfit can't be removed, except for her hands and the wrist bands that hide the pegs that go into her wrist. She is very different from what I had expected. I did pre-order another Microman Art figure... but if she is similar to this in looks, I may not be getting any other Microman figures next time-_-;
Her stand on the other hand is quite interesting, movable with its ball construction at the end that connects into the pink base. It can allow Eli to move freely into different poses, similar to Figma stands. I especially like the tube case, because if you want to have your figure stand alone on a desk or counter for display, she is safely kept away from dust, etc. Still a lovely figure, Eli is a welcome addition to my collection!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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