Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Arrivals from Japan, Etc.!!

New goodies in from Japan, and others!! I had many boxes to pick up via the Post Office!! Most for the shop and a few for me!! LOL
 My large box from Japan, included all vintage goodies like a retro scarlet Miyako Maki sketch bag, retro plastic miniature furniture, a lot of various girl toy goodies, and a "Little Mermaid" encyclopedia book!
 Above, I won this lot of retro girly goods. The lot included a cute green froggy coin bank, clay bunny, 70's style paper clip, cute anime girl brooch, anime cards, and jewelry bits and bobs!
 Most from this lot will be added to my shop!
 These cute anime "Love!" playing cards include some very handsomely drawn anime boys!! "Free!", boys need to watch out for these guys! LOL

 Mod paper clip magnet. I've gotten before and are fun to decorate any work space or desk!
 Gorgeous Retro anime girl brooch. I've seen this type of brooch with Licca doll art on them, but retro anime girls!! Nice! Below, back side. I will be keeping this for my collection! The main reason I bidded on the lot!

This lovely Fairytale encyclopedia book of "Little Mermaid" below. Was a welcome version!
 Quite different from the usual books of the same fairytale, and with more artwork and details in it! I must admit the artwork is lovely too, very retro! It's a board book, with nice thick pages.

 An addition to my collection of course!
 Above and below showcase some of the other fairy tales in this edition...

Then, I also won this lot of cute vintage retro plastic miniature furniture! I'm thinking they are either 1:16 in scale or 1:18?! More on them later...

Now, on to this amazingly mint and beautiful, "Princess" Scarlet Sketch bag with Miyako Maki artwork! This Swan Lake ballerina art is just beautiful!
 Just gorgeous, and one of the reasons I love Miyako Maki's works!
 One flaw, there is some bubbling of the plastic protection over the face of the artwork, but still a lovely vintage piece. I haven't seen any sketch bags for some time, but this one, I just couldn't pass up!!
 Above and below even the sticker and tag is just too cute for anime words!! The bag will be added to the shop as well!

 Lastly, I also received this interesting gal from an etsy shop below! I've seen her a few times and usually when she is already sold! But this time, I found one still Mint in Package! Wow, now I get to know more about her!
 Her name is "Toni Two", a two in one doll, with changeable faces, from "Glad" to "Mad". She is marked Hong Kong, obviously, a clone type or kitsch toy sold back in the 60s! Her construction is very simple and cheaply made, but if you like quirky weird dolls like I do sometimes, then she is one to find!!

Even her silly buck tooth is too funny!! An addition to my collection of weird ones...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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