Friday, October 31, 2014

Some Goodies From Japan!!

It was a good mail day today!! I received a nice small packet from Japan with goodies that I mostly wanted!
 I got a Desk set, Margaret erasers, Takara fox friend of Pinocchio parts, a lot of retro girly glico toys, and a compact.
 These MIB erasers I will add to the shop by Margaret Venice, with lovely retro anime girls on them. I will keep one set for myself!!
 Unused and still with bright gorgeous anime girly art!!
 This lovely unopened compact. I got for myself. Its also a necklace. I thought might have tiny accessories in it?!
 Above and below gorgeous anime retro girly art!!
 Sadly, it didn't have any accessories inside, but a sponge and mirror...

 Very hard to find diecast Petier Desk Set box art above and below...
 The set is missing the books. But still amazing and so tiny too!

 This fox friend of Pinocchio from a Japan TV series. Only a head and leg, but I figure it will work on the Pinocchio I have that is missing a leg! Maybe I could interchange the parts to play both characters!?
 I love Japan sellers with their creative ideas. Above the baggy had some cute artwork on it! To cute!
 Inside filled with vintage Glico girly toy goodness!!
 Mostly girly treasures... Yay!
 My fave of the lot above and below. I'm obsessed by tiny dressers or desks!! Especially Glico ones! LOL

I also received a trade packet from my dear friend Missy!! Yippee! Can't wait to use the goodies she sent me!
 I love her mail to me, she always decorates the envelopes too!!
 ...and when you open up the envelope inside is a wonder of goodies from her!! I always love the smell of her hangies and prints, like walking thru a sweet smelling candy store!! Hmmmm! I love you Missy thank you soo much for my trade!! I will treasure these goodies!!
 If you like to see more of Missy goodness here is her shop!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Cynthia love! I always forget you write a blog. I will have to save the link to my desktop so I remember to stop by more often and see what kinds of cute things you are up to! Goodness, your mailbox is always overflowing with so much beauty & sweetness! I am so in LOVE with that pink compact! It's honestly one of the most darling things I have ever seen! So lucky you are! Love seeing your trade goodies all laid out in a pile. You flatter me so much and it's such a relief to see the goodies finally in your adorable world! You a such a cherub, Cynthia. Love you to bits! P.S. Are you on Instagram? If so, please find me! @boopsie_daisy

    Love & hugs,

    1. HI dearest Missy,

      Sorry for the late reply dear! Oh my goodness, here I was checking for your convo via etsy!! LOL, You are very welcome dear and I'm glad to hear you like the pink compact! We have so much in common on things we love!! Thank you for visiting and always welcome to trade or swap! Much love to you also, gg

      PS sorry I don't have an instagram acct.!