Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Today's Goodies!!

I've been sick the past day or two with the flu and though my body aches, along with a runny nose and sore throat. I was able to have my son pick up the mail for today!!
 From etsy I couldn't help but snag this tiny set of chairs and TV.
 Also from etsy above and below, vintage Space Jams Bugs Bunny, originally for my son, who used to have one when he was about 7 years old, and more miniature magazines for scenic shots...
 Below, Yahoo Japan mail which includes a Funny Tails jar, Petier sink, and a whole set of vintage girl brooches!

 Funnytails, similar to Sylvanian families? I suppose. but this cute jar was too cute to pass up. You'll see a bit further down on this post!!

 Comes with a bed, table, bench, end table, iron, and lamp.

 These cute retro girl brooches will be added to my shop soon!

 Just a few showcasing the retro girly brooches. So very Ayumi Uyama in style!!

 Small diecast Petier sink set. Above and below.

 A tiny little living inside the jar...

Just one of the scenes, I had planned for this jar set!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. The jar house is very cool! I like your scene with it! Hannah

    1. HI dear Hannah, thank you so much dear! I appreciate it! When I saw it I wanted to do something with it immediately in the "Arrietty Theme"!! hugs, gg