Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Goodies Arrive!

Whew, it's getting busy these days... Today's mail holds just a few items, but the box was huge!! LOL
 Yahoo Japan items that came in. One is not shown til later in the post, as it is very large! Sonico figure sold cheap, retro girl accessory set, a set of Takara Showa Era House, and a vintage retro girl anime storage box!
 This lovely retro girl accessory set, is actually a necklace and includes a hair tie, clip, and two rings from what I can see. Unopened! In the shop soon!
 On commission, I found this lovely unopened Takara Showa Era house! Only the gum was removed.
 This item below is what made the box so big...
 This amazing vintage retro anime girl cardboard storage box is unopened and so cute! I will add it to the shop, but because it is large, s/h will cost more!
 I also received my pre-order of Pico Neemo fashions and shoes below!
 I made sure to get the shoes, boots, and a few of the dress sets too! More on them next time!

 Then, I found this lovely lot of felt ornaments... included 3 birds, 3 elves, 2 bears, and 2 dogs...
 The birds are a welcome addition to my collection. Sadly, they were wrapped in newspaper and got a bit stained-_-; and wings bent.
 I have a set of these elves so they might be added to the shop?!
 I also have these bears already so they will be added to the shop soon!
 The dog above will be added to my collection!

 My early morning drive home... I took some shots after picking up the mail. Above shot is heading South from a village called, "Ipan, Talofofo."
This shot above is heading further down South after leaving Malojloj, Inarajan a part of Inarajan further North from where I live. I always enjoy looking at the ocean as I drive down from this hill. Notice the sun glistening over the water... I will never get tired of this view! LOL

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Such a pretty view! I wish my drive to the post office was that pretty, lol. I also love all the little shoes! For me, I always have to decide on buying a bunch of little accessories, or buying a new doll/figure ;) (let's just say I don't end up with lots of accessories haha).

    1. HI dear Rebecca,

      Thank you dear. Its a lovely view and I never get tired of it, but there are times when I wish my home was closer to town! LOL, I totally understand, as you can see I mostly can afford the accessories and not the doll! LOL many hugs dear, gg