Monday, January 5, 2015

Doing Some Errands...

Today, my husband had physical therapy, and I needed to go uptown to do some errands. So, while he was at PT, I went to the PO and picked up a box with goodies I will show in a later post. But, I also went to our local SM Store and found some really cheap buys I just have to share with you!!
 While he was paying our power bill, I started looking around SM to see if there was anything worth looking at, and to my surprise... I found this cute set of boy and girl iphone cases! See the artwork on it! Well, a long story short, I've always wanted these cute ipad cases that had this very same artwork, back in 2013! They were expensive, and then when I had the money to get them, they sold out!! Ugh! So, I was definitely in shock to see them on iphone cases and for a mere $3!! I then, also found a "One Piece" key chain for Taby, at only $1, and I bought two Hello Kitty 'Monster" series cell charms! It was definitely a good day to stop by at SM Store!!

 I also started reading "Mars" by Fuyumi Soryo, again. I have the complete set and wanted Taby to read them, but since she is currently reading "The Giver". She can read this when she is done! I've read it twice before, now going on three times! A really nice love story!
 Then, my husband and I noticed, when we got home, that we got some Guam related quarters as change today! The one on the left is, "The Mariana Islands" edition, and the one on the right is, "Guam" edition. These were a special release back in 2011, I think?! It's awesome to actually see one!! I feel so patriotic now!
I also wanted to share the skies above out village parish, St. Joseph in Inarajan, Yesterday. It was a gorgeous evening!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Updated: Here are two Figma sets that also came in!! More on it in another post soon!!


  1. The phone cases have such cute artwork and the quarters are very nice! Long story short I was given a kit/booklet that I could put quarters in and I have been collecting them ever since. I've only found 4 quarters so far that weren't one of the 50 states :)

    1. HI Rebecca,

      Yes, they do! I fell in love with the same design they had made for ipad cases! So, I was pretty shocked to find them and here on Guam!! Oh wow, really? That's awesome dear! I have a few coins in a collection, but it is pretty small^_~ Thank you dear for your lovely thoughts! hugs, gg