Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun with Lipu and Back to Drawing!

I was playing with Lipu Yesterday and decided to dress her in the Pink exclusive outfit... Yup, I'm gonna keep it! LOL
 She is such a cutie! I love her eyes and her hair. It will be interesting to see the new Lipu coming out, because her hair is braided and a darker shade of red!!

Then, I recently bought 3 sketch books via Hobby Lobby, Stateside. They were on sale and I wanted to get one for Taby, and one she gave to her boyfriend! They both love to doodle... So, I figured why not nurture them with a hardbound sketch books, instead of using those cheap composition books! One I kept for myself below... They only give random colors. Oh well. Lucky, I love blue!
 Then, I started drawing. I used to love drawing as a teen. Then, in college I took an art class and truly enjoyed it. But it was more of an elective than a major... Still, I am glad that I can still draw!
 Another one I did earlier this week!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. So cute and very nice drawings! Did the apron come with the exclusive shop outfit? Or was it maybe part of the mail/post themed outfits?

    1. HI dear Rebecca, I truly appreciate your lovely thoughts dear friend! Thank you! No, the apron she is wearing came with the Yukata set. The original apron just says, "Azone" on it and I wanted to try the other style on her! Hope this helps dear? hugs, gg

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    1. Hi sweet Heather! Aww, thank you so much dear also! I truly appreciate it. Its been so long since I've drawn... I used to love drawing!! Many hugs, gg