Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lil' Fairy Yukatas, Etc.!

I received a few more pre-ordered fashions for my Pico Neemo Lil' Fairies! So cute and includes tiny zories too! Yippee!
 I couldn't resist getting these cute Yukata style maid fashions! I made sure to get all three sets! Then, I also got a very small packet from Yahoo Japan below!
 ...and I am still waiting for two other boxes! Above, I got a Magaret Talking Dolly fashion. I love the vintage stripe look and hope that I have a doll that can fit the dress?! I also got another Arrietty cell charm. I like to use this Chibi style Arrietty for Funny Tails house scenes! Sara often gets upset that I have to borrow hers! LOL

 There were other fashions available, but this one above was my favorite and cheap too!

 My two Pico Neemo gals trying out the Yukata maid fashions! I love the color combos! Sadly, the zories are hard to put on Lipu. I guess in order to keep them on, I might have to use sticky clay or something? -_-; Still, my Lipu is very kawaii desu ne!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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