Sunday, January 25, 2015

More on The 3-Tiered Glico Container Set...

I first wrote about this miniature set here! I finally, took out my vintage Scarlet dresser and did a little scene to showcase the containers below! Enjoy!
 I've seen these containers once or twice, and was amazed to find it up for auction recently. Generally, they sell and I lose out because of the end price. But I guess this was my time to get it and won it for fairly cheap. It just reminds me of similar containers that are human-size. So, to have this set in miniature, about 1/6 in scale, was just too good to pass up!

 Wish I had more miniature jewelry and things to place into each container... But, it still turned out nicely...
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Oh wow! It's so small! I didn't even realize the container was 1/6 scale until this picture...

    1. HI dear Rebecca, It is dear! Isn't it the cutest!! I just couldn't resist! Oh my, I thought I might've mentioned that in my last post about it... I will have to go check?! Many hugs dear friend, gg