Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Items in from Yahoo Japan!!

Here what came in the mail today...
 I surprisingly won another wonderful mint Funny Tails Pitcher House, a cute Miyako Maki memo booklet, and two of the Azone shop staff outfits for Lil' Fairy!!
 Here are the exclusive Azone Shops Lil' Fairy Staff outfits, that were only sold in stores on New Year's Day! I was able to buy both fashions and I hope to have them available in my For Sale page soon! There is only the blue and pink sets, one of each!

Then, this amazing Miyako Maki memo booklet! Very different from most of the memo booklets I've found. Generally, they have a section for you to put tokens for the train or bus. But this one has a zipper and pouch instead!
 Gorgeou Miyako artwork on the front and back side, and note book as well!

 Backside above, top corner, I was able to unfold and straighten out. I love Miyako M.'s draws her retro girls eyes! Very dreamy!
 Below, the backside of the notebook as another anime artists work. At the moment I forget the name of this artist... sorry! Update: Artist is Tamura Setsuko.
 I am still debating on whether to add this memo to the shop or not?
 What made me get this memo, the beautiful artwork above, that I've seen in many of Miyako's notebooks, shoujo mangas and Shijitaki cards!

 Funny Tails Pitcher set. So nice and mint. I had to take it out of box to see all that comes with it!!
 Set includes, pitcher, lid, couch, bookshelf, stool, dress form, mirror, sewing machine, and booklet.
 What it looks like inside...

 The Staff outfits are gorgeous! I just had to try them on my MMS Alice!

 I also won this Faller HO Scale "A" Frame house kit. Can't wait to put it together! More on this one, in a later post!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. You seriously always get the cutest stuff!!!! XD

    1. HI Dearest Heather! Thank you dear friend! We just have similar tastes^_~ much love, gg