Friday, February 6, 2015

"A" Frame Fisher Price Dollhouse!

I decided to get one, because it was sold cheap via ebay! It didn't come with the original little people and furniture! But that was fine too. Because I originally wanted to see if my Takatoku dollhouse furniture could fit inside it?! Still haven't tried them yet! LOL

Instead, I found something else that could fit!!
  My Blue Box Chairs, TV, and Liddle Kiddle table!! Inside, the house's decals were still nice and not too much wear and tear. I love "A" Frame style homes, and this house was one of them one my list, that I've always wanted to get, and see what vintage dolly furniture I have that can fit?

 The kitchen and fireplace, really work well with this style furniture for the time period!
 Now, if only I had more 1:32 scale furniture to fit inside...
 I decorated the Liddle Kiddle table with a mosaic print to go with the chairs. Then, below, a tiny Nami watching TV, and her cat relaxing...

 More on this house soon!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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