Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mail that Came in While I was Away...

Today, I didn't bother sleeping in and so I decided to open the boxes of mail and see what came in...

 I received some Yahoo Japan items above. A stationary container set in box to be added to the shop, the mini Sylvanian Family house set and furniture, and a lovely mod Jr. Margaret dress set.
 I just had to get another Jr Margaret dress fashion above. I love the style of the dress and thought it sold out? But the seller had more in stock! Yippee!

 Above and below, Sylvanian Mini Dollhouse set with furniture. How cute is this and super tiny too! It's the size of a doll's dollhouse!
 The boxes are nice and minty and the tiny furniture is even smaller than HO scale! I will have to do a photo comparison later?!
 This lovely vintage stationary container! I will add it to the shop soon!

 I also won this Dolly Darling boy, I wanted his outfit for a reason... check out the pics at the end of this post!!
 Yippee, I ordered these HO scale accessories, thru ebay Germany, and you will soon see why I did?!!

This cute 70's Mascot girl I also received thru etsy! Is very similar to the doll in one of my vintage books from Japan via my flickr here!!
 More O scale plants too!

The best item of all, that came in!! A vintage Galoob Lil' House Wonderfull. I learned about this house by Call of the Small here!!
 The box above and below. Sadly, worn, but the contents inside were still in its original packaging!! It was up for sale thru ebay! I made an offer and the seller accepted it! Booyah!

Out of box below...

 Instructions above, and all the pieces that come with the set. The design is fairly simple. The top floor can be removed along with the roof. In the set, A family of four, Mom, Dad, girl, and boy. Along with a dining set, four chairs, a sofa, two long tables, bed, two closets, a TV, and an extra chair, not sure where it goes, because the front legs are shorter then the back legs? An extra?

 The family is interesting. A bit large as compared to the furniture. But I know this will make for some interesting scenes with some Glico pieces of furniture, that may fit inside this house as well?!

 I redressed Wataru in the outfit! He looks so dapper in it too!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. OH MY GOSH, I am so jealous of that tiny dollhouse!!!!!!

    1. HI Heather dear! LOL, trust me I was truly surprised to find it just after I read the blog post my from friend!! It was on ebay with a 'Buy it Now' feature and I made an offer. The seller accepted it and it was mine! I was giddy^_~ But, I was hoping to get it before my trip. No luck. Still, if you ever do come across one, it is a keeper!! Many hugs, gg