Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Mail!

I stayed home to work more on the items that came in. Then, my husband checked the mail and another two boxes came in!! Woohoo!
 Some items for the shop!! I won these goodies prior to my trip and it just took so long for it to get sent out, but I'm trying not to complain. So onto the goods! I was able to find another Masako Watanabe trinket case above, Miyako Maki Tombow pencils, Masako W. Mini memo n mirror, a Lot of Zeria Shinyaku bears, Petier Diecast metal cabinet furniture, and a Lot of 10 pcs of vintage Tulip Glico girls retro toys!
 Tombow pencils with Miyako Mako artwork. Lovely minty pencils, in pink and yellow. I fell in love with the artwork on the card. It will be added to the shop soon!
 I'm so tempted to keep a few pencils... LOL
 The artwork above, that I fell in love with! So dreamy don't you think?!

Below cute vinyl Zeria Shinyaku Bears. They came in a lot of 4 bears. One Yellow, Two Brown, and a little Green one. More info. is here. The story goes, "Zeria-chan (Zeria Shinyaku Kogyo)ゼリアちゃん(ゼリア新薬工業)Zeria-chan was born in 1965, but was called simply “kuma (bear)” until 1968, when the company began accepting votes for the character name. Out of 30,000 votes, “Zeria” was chosen as the name of the 3-year old mascot. Soon after, Zeria-chan stuffed animals, piggy (bear) banks, erasers and all manner of Zeria-chan promotional merchandise began appearing in drug stores."
 The larger Zeria bear heads can twist, but the small one is like a finger puppet with a hole for your finger. I will keep one brown and the yellow bear. One Zeria-chan brown and the small green will be added to the shop.
 Above, I also got this lot of Glico assorted toys. I am assuming the ones above are much older, maybe around 1960s or so, with the exception of the boom box.
 There is a blue chair, a tiny blue watering can, the boom box is probably from Licca-chan or Jenny accessory, a little duck toy that rolls, and my fave of the Lot is the tiny TV! I think the blue chair will go great in Mirai's Loft. I've always wanted the watering can and it will go great with a small scale dollhouse garden scene too. The TV, I have plans for soon... still thinking on it.

 A lot of Retro Girl Glico toys lot, includes 10 pcs of cute "Tulip" girly toys and their original boxes. I will keep a few and sell a few from the Lot.
 A cute table and chair set.
 Some pieces are great for dolly cooking accessories. A sugar or cream bowl with lid and spoon.
 Cute flower table and chair.
 Closet with working doors.
 A stove.
 Cutting board, knife and bowl.
 Another stove, with working drawer, or grill? Not sure.
 Cute dolly with paper purse.
 A cute dresser and chair, with working drawer.

 A bowl with lid.
 Inside, you can change the food that is inside! Chicken Katsu above and Ham below!
 It also works well with one of the stoves!

Amazing, Masako Watanabe trinket castle case. The artwork is lovely, I've seen these type of cases four times now. I own one, and one I gave to my sister. I do recall selling one I had similar to the one I gave my sister...
 This one has lovely retro girl anime! Below, the one on the left is mine filled with many vintage anime Margaret goodies, and just for comparison, the one above, is a larger!
 I will decide if I will sell this new one or not...

 I was truly surprised, to find many Masako Watanabe Margaret items in one month!!? Shocking! This amazing and small mini memo is just too cute! The front cover above, and backside below.
 It comes with mirror and notebook.
 With lots of Masako W. art!!

I also found a complete Petier two cabinet set with tiny TV. These diecast furniture pieces are in scale size with Lundby furniture, about 1:18 in scale. I have found and collected most of the sets, with just a few that I am missing. I will add my old set that is missing the TV, to my shop. I already have a cabinet and organ listed here!
 This set above is nice and minty and includes two cabinets one in blue and one in red, a clock, tiny set of cups, wine bottles, glasses, and a red TV. You may have seen them in my vintage plastic Japanese dollhouse!?
 I've been looking for one with the tiny mod red TV! Whew, finally!
 I've always wondered what it showed on the screen. Now, I can see its a singer, probably from a 1960s anime cartoon?
 Finally, I received a Blue Box Toys bedroom set from etsy! In small scale of 1:48. I hope to use it in the "A" Frame blue house!? So, more photos will come soon!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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