Saturday, February 28, 2015

More on My "A" Frame Houses!

I finally got the new items into the "A" Frame houses I have!! So here are updated pics of them!! Enjoy!

I received some G scale potted plants from ebay, and a Blue Box Toys bedroom set from etsy!
Above and below a view from the dining side of the house with the potted plants. I must admit it was fun to put together and see the Fisher Price house with the newly added goodies!
 From the balcony, you can see into the bedroom.
 This Blue Box set below worked out nicely in the house!
 Below, from the other balcony...

 Below, a view of the second and first floors...

 More potted plants and Takara miniature garden decor, and slippers. Also a view of the living room side of the house.

 Then, I was also able to work on my HO scale Faller house. I received some patio extras, people kissing, and potted plants in HO scale!!
 I used the vintage flooring that came with the box. Then, I added some patio chairs, an umbrella, and potted plants. A young couple kissing too!
 On the other side of the house are the parents kissing!! LOL
 Inside, I added flooring, both print outs. A wall between the dining and living space. Now, just to add kitchen appliances, etc.!? There is a second floor! I just need to work on that next! I do have the bedroom set already too!
 Below, a view of the living room side...
 I added a Valance, and curtains too, made out of origami pattern paper!

I also took some outside shots looking into the house...

It's quite different working with HO scale, a bit challenging, but fun still! I love the fact that it's easy to put away and store too!! No complaints here!!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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