Thursday, March 19, 2015

Finally, My very own Herman Pecker Big Eyed Doll!

I'm not sure of her original name? Sadly, her tag is marked and I can't make out what her name would have been? Still, I've been trying to get a doll like her for quite some time! So, when I did my usual searches thru etsy... Whala! There she was!! This shop here, had her! Awesome service too!
 She arrived to me fast and safely. She comes wearing her original fashion, with jet black hair and her tag as seen above.
 Here she is above, all cleaned up! I love her face. She is very nice and mint too!
 Who can resist her sweet face and those eyes!! She will live with my other precious vintage dollies!

Then, I decided to get some Obitsu bodies for a project I am working on for Sara, more on that soon! I also, bought this 11cm white skin Obitsu bod for Lipu! I wanted to see if I could make her in Chibi-style!? Here she is below...
 Wearing the special edition pink Azone dress, an apron from another Pico neemo fashion, and boots from vintage Heidi by Remco.
I had to take off the screw and knob at her neck to fit Lipu's head on. The body was nice and tight, no loose joints here! Yippee! She is cute. I will see if I like her in Chibi form?!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Thank you for the nice recommendation! She looks quite at home! I'm so glad you love her.


    1. HI Dear Amber! You are very welcome. Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt her! She will be loved! Many hugs dear, gg