Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Good Smile Suntanned Super Sonico Figma ETC!

I received a long awaited Figma figure, Tanned Super Sonico Bathing suit version!! I have been waiting for her arrival since January! I pre-ordered her thru ebay, last December, and sadly, it took really long... Then, the release was delayed, but finally the US seller shipped her and she arrived to me Yesterday, along with other goodies!!
 We had been doing errands most of the day, but I did receive four packages, and here's what came in... Figma Suntanned Super Sonico in bathing suit, another set of miniature frames, a pair of Azone zories in red, and a vintage odd Dime store doll thru ebay!

First, I've gotten these sweet miniature vintage Sunbonnet picture frames before, here! I couldn't resist getting another set, thru etsy and cheap too!

This "Girl Doll", below, was thru auction via ebay, her end price was pretty cheap, but I wanted another variation as compared to my first doll here! Toni Two has two faces, while this one, just has the one. Now, I have sisters! LOL These dolls are quite unique!

Now, on to my Super Sonico... Back of her box below!
She is a special release version. I've seen the white skin version, but not the tan. I've also tried to search every where for pre-order info. etc., but I am guessing she was only released thru Good Smile co. and to those shops that distribute them. She doesn't show up on Hobby Search, except on Amiami here, the white skin version. But if you read the title it says, unavailable? So, I'm assuming it was cancelled?

Anywho... My review: She is so gorgeous with her voluptuous sun-kissed skin, and comes with the usual extras for figmas, extra hands, a stand, two other face plates, a pink beach ring, a blue beach ball, and a Popsicle!
 The only disappointment, is that her joints are a bit light compared to the rest of her suntanned goodness! So, when you pose her you can see the off-color joints, but if it doesn't bother you, then, don't worry! Above and below, I posed her with Haruka! They look so sweet together!!
 I really need to do a beach scene soon!!?
 I haven't tried to remove her earphones? So, I am not sure if they come off?
 Because of her curves, she is hard to dress up in Azone Pico neemo clothing. Skirts can fit, if they have the velcro all the way thru the backside, but if it doesn't her hips are hard to pass over, goodness! As for her top section, you need to have stretchy or larger tops for her to wear... I will have to try all that I have to see what can fit besides this below!?
Sonico is fun and she will be in other photos soon!!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Love it a lot. I am also thinking of buying her clothes so any suggestions and which version is good in your opinion tanned or Normal thank you.

    1. HI DP, Awesome! I think both are nice. I'm only partial to the tan one because I live in the tropics! But I would love to get the normal skin too! Okay, as for clothing, she might fit some azone picco neemo clothes, or if you are able to find something hand-made for Busou shinki figures too! I hope this helps? many hugs for your lovely thoughts too, gg