Saturday, March 21, 2015

Making Sara's Dolls...

Sara's been wanting me to, "Make her dolls", as she calls it. They are characters from this cute anime short that Tabytha found thru youtube last year! I will add a peek of the video below, so you can watch it, if you haven't already?!

These characters are from "little heart". So, without delay, I purchased some Obitsu bodies via Junkyspot here! I received them in less than a week and of course, Sara couldn't wait for me to start on them!! Below, 21cm obitsu body in Flesh and White Skin tones, along with Brunette White skin head, and Blonde Flesh skin bod, and one set of eye decals.
 So, while she was at school, I worked on them Thursday. I had some eye decals already, but I did get a set I thought would look nice on the boy. It can be easy to place eye decals on, or it can be hard, depending on your patience...

I didn't take any photo of the process along the way, but if you would like to know how its done there's also a great tutorial here by Asenva!
 Sadly, I tried using the larger decals for the boy's eyes, but it got messed up, so I had to get a smaller pair. Ugh! Yes, I took the larger one's off with water, then put the small one on.  Like I mentioned you have to have patience to do this! I added blush, but as you can see I didn't paint in any lips... I'm terrible at that! They were sorta done above. Sorry for the nude photo of them! When the girls got home, Tabytha cut and styled the boys hair below, a lot better than I did!! She said he still looked like a girl! So, I allowed her to work her magic! LOL
 Above, here they are dressed, in Azone PNXS clothing, top on the boy and dress on the girl. The above photo, after Sara had already started playing with them, their eyebrows have already started to get messed up, ugh! That's doll play with a 7 yr. old!!
It was fun to try and see if I could do it! I must admit, knowing you can create something close to characters you love, is a nice idea and fun to do as well! So, go on, make your own characters come to life!!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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