Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Yahoo Japan Goodies!

Sadly, we are preparing for a Typhoon, so at least some good came out of it. I received a box from Yahoo Japan for the shop!!

 A small packet, that includes Fueki-kun glue containers in original design and pink, and a Lot of Petier Die-cast Furniture.
 I've always wanted these containers! Finally, I found the original design container above. It's a smaller version, but I don't mind! This kawaii character is called, "Fueki-kun". Children's glue paste, generally, used in Kindergarten classes, for its safe-ness as a product. I read that later on the company also made, facial creams, and soaps. There are other colors available and in a stick glue paste version as well.
 This pink Fueki is larger and below both containers together! I will used them to hold kawaii things!
 Fueki is in my kawaii cabinet below! Meeting all his new friends!

A Lot of 6 Petier Takatoku die-cast furniture pieces. I wanted the lot for the sofa and chair! I have most of the pieces in my collection with the exception of those pieces...
 I will add the rest of the furniture into my shop soon!

Then, I also received this cute Cup o Fuchiko style gals!! PUTITTO Series - Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- 8Pack BOX from Amiami!!
I, Taby and Sara will keep only one and the rest will be added to my For Sale page!! I did open all the boxes, but kept the girls in their plastic wrapping to take pics of them. Each one will come with its original box.

There are 6 different kinds and two sets that are the same kind. My fave below, Shimakaze #5!!
 The front of the box...
 The one's available are Rensouhou-chan #1, Akagi #2,  Lemon and Kaga #3, and Kongo #4.

As for the storm it is suppose to hit us late Sunday or early Monday. So far, we are preparing for it and not much else to do, but patiently wait it out and hope for the best! Hope you all are having an awesome weekend?!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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