Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today's Goodies!

My Mother in-law left off-island, so Sam and I had to go uptown to pick up the car and do other errands. Mine was to pick up 3 boxes that were in the mail!

Here's what came in!!
 So happy, I was able to find this rement cake set, that I've been wanting since last year! I'm so glad I waited for a good price. Awesome rement goodies from Jane's shop, Harapeko Doggy Baggy Shop!
 I wanted this set for the cute teeny tiny ballerinas, of course!!

Thru ebay, I found this Kato HO scale Modern House. 

 It comes already complete with trees and bushes too. Very nice and I love the brick driveway. Sadly, the trees fray easily. But, if you like already-made train houses, then this set is for you!

I've always been drawn to Nanoblocks since last May when my husband and I were in the Philippines and we found these cute animal or insect Nanoblocks there! I bought them for Sara and Tabytha. The girls never did opened them up or put them together!? Then, during Christmas break last year, Taby found a "Mario" character from Mario Brother's Nanoblock set.

So, I decided I was going to get myself a set and here's what I found thru ebay below!
 Nanoblock Studio Apartment set with teeny tiny people!! Yippee! It arrived to me in less than ten days from Japan! I couldn't wait to put it together...

It took me about 3 hours to complete. The instructions are in Japanese with some English subtitles and as long as you use the diagram for each step, you won't have any problems putting it together!

 Such fun! I used to own Legos as a child. So, I can't wait to take this apart and make the houses I remember as a kid... a bit different of course, but still, these teeny tiny blocks are so awesome and they don't take up a lot of space, even better!! Yay!

Finally, my ultimate find, of the loot that came in!! A Vintage Marx Mountain House, Chalet!! I had been doing my usual searches for "A" Frame houses and this one came up on google!! How did I not ever see or read about this house, until now?!! Shocking!

Found thru etsy, from an awesome seller named, Amy, and her shop is called, MiniMobel! She was great to deal with and allowed me to make an offer. The house was mine, and she shipped quickly, from Canada!
 From the 1970s, this style "A" Frame house is quite different. It has an open floor plan, as compared to my other houses, along with a deck that is made as a river house or lake house. It is about 1:16 to 1:18 in scale.

The set includes, the deck, roof frame, with piping for fireplace, second floor deck, for cots, a stove n sink, sofa, dining table with 3 chairs, 2 cots, ladder, area rug, a stack of firewood, a boat, 2 fishing poles, a fish, and there are suppose to be two dolls. One blonde, and one brunette. But sadly, missing the brunette...
 My set came with extras too! Two canoes, an extra upper deck, and rug. Amy was so kind she even sent me a gift! How sweet was she?! Too kind!
 Instructions above.
 Put together above and below. A nice outdoor Chalet. I can't wait to try other furniture pieces and or dolls inside!!? Definitely, an amazing acquisition, and a keeper!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. A nice day of stuff! I love the HO scale stuff and tiny ballerinas! Nanoblocks are so much more tricky than Legos but my family still loves putting all those sets together, no matter what age they are! So we all have Lego setups in our homes, haha!

    1. HI Rebecca dear! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and story! That is so awesome dear! I totally agree, so much fun no matter what age! Many hugs dear, gg

  2. I have some of the Re-ment birthday cakes. They are so detailed. My friend has the ballerina one and loves hers. I love my Kato house! Yours is a different model, but similar. The trees are a bit fragile. I keep mine under the plastic when it's on the shelf. I love the Nanoblocks apartment! And of course, the little A-frame house is wonderful. Great mail day! :)

    1. HI dear Ronda, I totally agree with you dear, the ballerina cake is so awesome! I've been trying to find one for some time! Your Kato house is gorgeous, when I looked at your flickr pics, I fell in love with it!! Just had to find one as well. Very unique dear! Thanks for the advice on the Kato hse! The A-frame was a shock to find! But I am truly happy! thank you again dear friend! Many hugs, gg

  3. Oh wow! I have been searching for the Marx Chalet Mountain House for years but never knew what it was called!! SOOOO many memories seeing it in your photos. I received it for Christmas in 1976 but we sold it at garage sale when I was in highschool. Now to find one for my girls (who by the way will LOVE your blog as they are obsessed with 'all things cute'. Susannah :-)

    1. Hi Susannah, aww you are very welcome and your daughters too! Many hugs from Guam, gg