Monday, March 30, 2015

Wataru, Etc.!!

I finally took Wataru out of his box and did a few shots of the two I have...
 My first Wataru, had a hat glued to his head, sadly, I had a hard time removing the hat and the glue residue. So, I repainted his head to hide the glue and all the paint of his hair that also got removed by the glue. Both Watarus are different, my first one is much lighter in complexion and his eyes are softer, while the second Wataru has darker eye paint, and even his skin color is a darker or more flesh in color.
 They are both very handsome with their current fashions. I will need to get more clothing for them, and I need to decide if I will keep them both or just one?
 Here is a pic above of the Nanoblock house I made using the blocks from my new set. I remember my Lego's being put together this way with windows and doors...

 Then, I received in the mail, this cute Woodland Doll Monday Box! I saw these sitting versions through google, and just had to get one for my collection! Too cute!

He will be displayed in my cabinet as soon as I am able to make room for him!! See photo at the bottom of the post!

 I found this cute dolly head from a Lot of 6 doll heads sold through etsy. I fell in love with her eyes and face. So, I've decided to try her out on this cute body! She is just too cute!
  I am hoping to find more bodies to put the rest of the 5 heads on to add to the shop later on... My cabinet below, with all the cutesy things!
 I forgot to mention, while we were uptown, we did a quick stop at Tokyo Mart and look at these strawberries!! I spied Licca Chan!! Just couldn't resist taking a quick snap of the label!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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