Friday, April 17, 2015

In the Mail today!

Some goodies arrived from Yahoo Japan!
 The box included, a small vintage hamper, Chi-chan's cute dog, an Arnval head, and Funny Tails Shoe House set!
 I've eyeballing these cute small hamper sets. I've seen most out of box and with cute vintage designs. I found this one mint in box and its called an "Underwear" Hamper. Interesting. If I had a retro style girls room, I would so put this up in it!! It will be added to the shop soon!
 You could use it instead as a toy chest and put all your cute plush animals in it!! Just a suggestion! LOL

A regular Konami Arnval Angel head mk.2 , I don't think she is the Tempesta version, but it's okay, I've been wanting to get a regular head for some time now... I have a sleep head, a shouting head, and now this regular glare one!
 Here's the head on below. I will need to add some blush on these faces!!

While searching for some vintage vinyl dolls, I came across this cutie! A Chi-chan's dog "Wanchan". He is in used condition, but so cute, and reminds me of a small version of those rubber Edward Mobley type dogs! Too cute!
 Wanchan's head can move. He is hollow, and a soft vinyl toy. A great addition to my vintage collection!

I also found another vintage Funny Tails Shoe House set below!

You know me, I just had to take a few pics of this amazing house set!!
 Tiny Nobi and Shizuka!

Then, I also received a set of vintage suitcases below from etsy. I've always wanted to find a yellow suitcase! More on this one later on...
 and more Japanese style candy cabochons! Also from etsy!
 In green tea chocolate, and colored caramels... How fun!!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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