Saturday, April 4, 2015

In the Nendoroid Playset...

I started to put some things in place inside the Nendoroid Playset A. But it basically sat most of this past week this way below...
 So, I finally started to put a few more items in it to take photos. Though it's still just sitting on my display desk... Ugh!

 I added an apron to Arnval above. She is just to cute, I had to take a pic!

I also, received this doll head below via etsy. She looks a lot like this doll here on flickr! I've been finding more vintage Japan-made dime store dolls, that I see thru Yahoo Japan that can be very expensive, but as craft heads via etsy or ebay!? A little surprised, I was... Now, if only I could find her a body! LOL

 I also wanted to find miniature wedding bands and these came thru etsy as well. I hope to use them in jewelry box or retro girl scene later too! How cute and tiny are these?! About 3mm.
 Finally, I received some candy cabs or cabochons! Also, to be used via photos and scenes. Just two of my fave Japanese candies, Meiji Choco Strawberry and Tiny Konpeito!

 So fun to do!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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