Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Goodies from Yahoo Japan!

Today's mail was small, but oh so sweet! Check it out!
 Vintage play food "Vanilla Ice", a Lot of Glico furniture pieces, and an "Attack No.1" necklace.

 I've been smitten by these cute vintage play food toys, that I've been seeing! So, I decided to bid on this one, and was surprised at how expensive they can get! Assuming it was large, it arrived and was very small, like 3 inches tall. Still, I would love to use it in scenes or as props in my photos! So, it was worth it for me! See the end of the post!

Lovely vintage necklace/ mirror of Kozue in volleyball action! I may add it to the shop?!

 Lovely anime artwork on front in a cloth material. I generally, find these types of necklaces with Licca-chan faces, so it was nice to find one with manga artwork!

 This lot of Glico furniture includes, a bench (I already own one), two white foot stools, two chairs, and one flocked red chair.
 Mirai, posing on the chair so you can see the scale. This lovely flocked maroon chair is just too cute, kinda small for her, but still lovely for a Mid Century Modern teeny tiny dollhouse! The table matches it and is made of the same type of material as my Glico student desk.
An oval foot stool and a square foot stool. Both cute, and probably went with a dresser and mirror? Missing? Finally, two wooden looking dining chairs. Very sturdy too. Sadly, they all don't have the Glico markings, but I've learned that most of the earlier Glico toys, like my mini television, don't have any markings.

 Arnval: "Here's your flavored ice Ma'am!"
Me: "Why thank you dear!"
Arnval: "Enjoy! Please don't forget to leave a tip?!"
Me: "Where's my spoon?!"

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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