Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Goodies from Harajuku!

Okay, I had to do a separate post on the goodies from Japan! LOL

 From the Daiso Store, I got this cute pink pen case, a mushroom pen, and two boxes of Almond Glico caramel candies! Then, at Narita Airport, I got two gatcha gatcha cute futon cell phone purses, and a cute anime girl!
 I opened the gatcha gatcha and there is a yellow futon and animal print futon, the cute girl anime character, don't know the anime name for it? I will use the mushroom pen for scenes, just to cool to pass up! These Glico candies, sadly don't have toys in them, but they are delicious to eat!!
 My favorite are the futon cell phone pouches or purses. I want them all!! Below, showcases what to do with them. But they will be great for dolly futons too in 1/12 scale scenes!! I really want the floral futon, the strawberry one and the panda futon too!

Then, just before the week started I took some photo shots of Arnval in vanilla icee!!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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