Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yahoo Japan Mail!

Whew, I was lucky to get some items sent to me before "Golden Week"!! A Holiday in Japan during the last week of April or early week of May... Of course I had to ask about my box, and it finally got sent out faster than usual!!
 Some goodies above from Yahoo Japan! A cute vintage rubber girl doll with flowers, a commission item: Showa Takara House set, two Gatcha Gatcha futons, and a vintage Lotte Licca Gum and toy unopened!!
 The cute 70s style 'Holly Hobby' type girl with flowers above, uncleaned above! Below, after her shower!

 Her flowers are a bit faded, but she is still lovely, and probably sat in a girls bedroom on a dresser... Below, a miniature example of the same girl, but with a Jar!

In this angle below, she looks so much like the 70's "Holly Hobby" art of the time!! Still deciding if she will be added to the shop or not?!

I found this Lotte Licca gum/toy unopened! Cheap too! Of course, when it arrived, I immediately, threw away the gum, and took out the toy!
 But, just before opening the package I took pics! Above and below for reference!
 Inside, was a pitcher and glasses, along with Licca sticker!

 You can see the pitcher on the far right with the glasses. Very cute and 1/6 in scale for Licca too!

I also Binned these two futons, that I wanted from the booklet. My favorite is the floral one!! The panda one will be cute to use in a kids bedroom scene!
 and below you can see the collection growing...

I also received from Hobby Search my pre-ordered Pico Neemo dress in plaid... More on this later!

Just one of four Samsonite Yellow Barbie doll suitcases, below. I wanted to see it close up. It is a lot larger than most of my vintage suit cases. But, I do love the look of it and how it reminds me of my sister's red suitcase she had as a teen. I remember wanting to look inside to see what goodies she kept!!
This one opens up and has an organizer inside as shown below... Too cute!

I bought more neon suitcase below! Now, I have pink!
 More on them soon!!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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