Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back to Dolly Business!

I received two boxes in the mail today and all is back to normal! Just a small packet that was quickly sent by my friend prior to their holiday week!
 A Lot of Glico etc. toys from Japan... I will add most to the shop!
 This cute Glico lot of cars, train, boat, bus etc.
 A brooch or badge for a vintage anime "G-Force"? I'm not actually sure, I could be wrong.
 Cute girly things, Twin Stars charm, a flower ring, house, glico walkie talkie, and comb.
 A Petier study desk above to be added to one of the Lots in my shop as well!

Then, via ebay, I finally found a "Camay" Happy-Sad dolly! Yippee. I've been wanting one for some time...  Whew!
 Though I would prefer the cheerleader dressed version you see here in a friend's photo. Not much is known about them, not even a name?! This interesting gal is quite different.
 Her 'Sad' face in first photo, is truly sad, but her 'Happy' face below, a bit scary with the painted on teeth!! Eek!
 She reminds me of the porcelain dolls in the movie "The Dolls"!! They will kill you if you are not 'good' to children, in their eyes or child-like!! LOL
My Happy/Sad faced dolls together! The cheap version on the right I first got here! Along with another, but I later sold. Very unique I must say!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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